Dr. Myles Josef Zakheim O.D.P.C.

Special Effects Contact Lenses

From the simple, subtle enhancement of eye color, to the creation of a unique new character, to the development of a totally alien being…OPTOMETRIX has been providing the television, video and motion picture community with a full complement of customized contact lens services since 1987. Examination of the eye, lens design and fabrication, and on-set coordination are offered through one convenient source. Following our examination of the actor, we design and create lenses for your specific character, or can supply the technical data to your special effects group for in-house fabrication. We are also available to provide on-site services, i.e. lens disinfection, insertion and maintenance.

Contact lenses are considered a drug by the Food and Drug Administration and must be handled by a qualified professional to ensure the health of the eye. Whether your character, "Goes Where No One Has Gone Before", spends his days “From Dusk Till Dawn” or plays a “Vampire in Brooklyn,” our strategy is designed to meet your specific project needs, whether in our offices, at the studio or…In a Galaxy Far, Far Away.


Project credits supplied by request.

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