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Dr. Myles Josef Zakheim O.D.P.C.


Originally from New York City, Dr. Myles Zakheim, founder of OPTOMETRIX, has been in private practice in the Los Angeles area for over 30 years, and has offices in Brentwood, Beverly Hills and Hollywood.

After receiving his doctorate from the Illinois College of Optometry, Dr. Zakheim did a residency at The New York Lighthouse for the Blind where he trained with a specialty in Low Vision. Dr. Zakheim served on the staff of the Center for the Partially Sighted at Santa Monica Hospital and was the Director of Eye Services at the world renown Pritikin Longevity Center.

Dr. Zakheim and his associates offer primary eye care and the treatment of eye disease. He practices with an emphasis on the fitting and fabrication of custom contact lenses and Dr. Zakheim provides the Hollywood community with Special Effects Contact Lenses for major motion pictures, television, and music videos.

Dr. Zakheim has been featured in numerous industry publications such as 20/20 Magazine, Eyecare Business and Vision Monday. He has contributed on eye care issues on television and radio on topics ranging from dry eye therapy, macula eye health and eye color change and enhancement.

Having co-managed over 2000 Lasik and Cataract surgeries, Dr. Zakheim has a comprehensive understanding of refractive procedures in determining what is in the best interest of each individual patient.

Dr. Zakheim was honored to have been selected by Google to have been one of only three locations in the United States to launch the innovative Google Glass.

Dr. Zakheim donates eyecare, glasses and contact lenses for the charitable organization Delancy Street Foundation and is a founder and former board member of Angels for Sight. 


Lindsay Harris,O.D. was born and raised in Port Royal, a small farming community in central Pennsylvania. She graduated valedictorian from Juniata High School and completed her undergraduate work at Susquehanna University (PA), where she attained a bachelor's degree in Biology with magna cum laude honors and continued her education at Pennsylvania College of Optometry. Dr. Harris went on to complete a residency in primary care and geriatric optometry at the West Los Angeles Veteran's Administration. This added year of education provided her with a specialty in the diagnosis and management of ocular diseases. She is certified in the treatment and management of glaucoma and has diagnostic and therapeutic medical privileges in California and Pennsylvania. Dr. Harris has provided patient care in an ophthalmological setting and has has served as the study coordinator for several FDA trials. Joining the Optometrix team in 2009 has enabled Dr. Harris to continued to provide comprehensive eye care examinations, contact lens fittings, ocular disease treatment, as well as cataract and Lasik surgery co-management.

Dr. Ayumi Kimura O.D.

Dr. Ayumi Kimura received her Bachelor of Arts in Human Bio-dynamics from the University of California, Berkeley and her Doctorate in Optometry from the Southern California College of Optometry in 2006. She has explored almost the entire scope of the eyecare industry, starting by publishing her research “An Evaluation of the Smart System II for Visual Acuity Measurement”, as an optical laboratory technician, ABO certified optician, frame sales representative, and even designing her own AYUMI eyewear line. She has associated with a Beverly Hills ophthalmology group diagnosing and treating ocular diseases, refracting and coordinating lasik surgeries. Dr. Ayumi enjoys challenging contact lens patients. She devotes her spare time to her family, volunteering with the Los Angeles School System preforming children's vision screenings, designing and traveling.

Dr. Tyna Ahdout

Dr. Tyna Ahdout, raised in Los Angeles, is an experienced TLG licensed optometrist. She received her Bachelor of Science in Psychology with cum laude honors from UCLA. She then completed her Optometry degree at Marshall B. Ketchum University where she developed a passion for helping those less fortunate.
Upon graduating, she worked with a non-profit organization providing eye care to underprivileged students. This position provided Dr. Ahdout the opportunity to treat children of all ages and develop the skill of prescribing corrective eyewear for patients with amblyopia or "lazy eye". She has a passion for the diagnosis and treatment of ocular disease. She is certified to use diagnostic and therapeutic pharmacological agents in the detection, treatment, and management of eye diseases. In her free time, Dr. Ahdout enjoys spending time with her husband and young son, exploring new restaurants, and traveling. She is also fluent in Farsi and Spanish.

Dr. Danielle Richardson O.D.

Dr. Danielle Richardson glaucoma certified therapeutic optometrist from Indianapolis, Indiana. She is a graduate of Indiana University and holds the degrees of Bachelor of Science in Biology and Doctor of Optometry. Dr. Richardson is licensed in New York, Texas, and California and has a wealth of experience in several optometric settings. She is certified by the National Board of Examiners in Optometry to treat and manage ocular disease and specializes in therapeutic optometry, LASIK surgery co-management, contact lenses, dry eye, and Digital Eye Strain.

Living in the digital age presents unique challenges for our eyes and Dr. Richardson understands an evolving world requires evolving eye care. She spends time understanding each patient’s unique visual demands and provides a personalized eye care experience. Her patient treatment arsenal includes the latest optometric technologies like digital device lenses, computer progressive options, speciality contact lenses, and blue light protection to ensure comfortable and clear vision even after staring at screens all day.

In her free time, Dr. Richardson runs a holistic wellness company, Fierce Clarity, where she hosts wellness retreats, yoga classes, and pop-up events for professional women to help manage stress and avoid burnout. She has been featured in industry publications including Eyecare Business and Invision magazine where she is a regular contributor on the subjects of work-life balance, holistic patient care, and stress reduction techniques.